Walking is a wonderful thing.  I was able to be weight-bearing January 22nd and I found it to be a great gift.  My empathy for those who cannot walk rose further.  People really take it for granted.


We rented a tug boat in Seattle in May so I am completely ready for that trip.  I will need to step up the rehab so I can walk and bike.  One week in Seattle is the ticket!


Relaxing in just dried warm laundry

Let me introduce myself, I am an old girl who loves her husband, kids, and pets.  Family is large in numbers and ranks high in my life.

I just recently had a procedure which rendered me non-weight bearing for 6 weeks.  It was difficult to stop doing stuff for that time period.  This old girl loves the outdoors, painting (canvas and walls), and anything creative. I missed it but my focus shifted for a bit and now peaceful thoughts have filled my mind.  Kinda delightful!

This blog is an endeavor to document my journey as an old girl.  There are goals and achievements I need to accomplish but primarily I am just going to be me.  And my daughter thinks I am weird so we will see how it shakes out.